Saturday, April 22, 2006

Donna reports on both nests

Field Notes 21 Apr 2006-
Temperature: 48F.
Mostly sunny
Humidity: 22%
Gusts to 18MPH

The Trump Parc Nest

1:04PM until 3:20PM-Events of Note
6:10PM until 7:15PM Exit

1:58PM Jr arrives on the nest with a pigeon. It's a
mite stiff. Charlotte gets up from the bowl, beaks
the pigeon, leaves it on the nest and takes off for
the park. Jr. looks at the pigeon, looks after Lola,
looks at the pigeon. Takes two bites of something
else on N nest edge, walks toward the nest bowl and

2:37PM They switch.

5:50PM Jean reports fly by of Jr. to behind the Essex

6:00PM Charlotte's head pops up.

6:20PM Man playing bongos leaves.

6:45PM Charlotte stands, head down to bowl, stretches
wings, preens breast. There is a small twig hanging
on her face, she scratches it off, rouses all her
feathers, arranges twigs, gets back in the bowl.

At exit after 7PM Jr. is discovered perched on the X
of the Essex sign.

The Fifth Avenue Nest
3:50PM until 5:23PM- Events of note

5:15PM Pale Male appears in flight with prey,
extremely heavy pigeon. Lola very alert to him, works
beak, triangulates, moves twigs. Pale Male takes a
rest on the bottom S terrace visible from the bench
over the treeline. He takes off, still unable to gain
enough altitude, no help from wind, he flies to the N
false terrace on Woody, perches, and pauses.

5:23PM Pale Male to nest left, stands foot on pigeon.
Lola comes toward him low, waiting for his foot to
move. She takes pigeon to nest right, eats, tail to
bench. PM stands nest left, alert. Lola begins to
rearrange twigs. Pale Male leans in toward pigeon,
first try to retrieve it, nets a couple feathers, he
tries again, more feathers, third time he retrieves
what is left of the pigeon and flies off the nest to
NW. Lola settles in.

Submitted: Donna Browne