Friday, December 11, 2015

Yesterday in the Ramble

Great Horned Owl in Ramble --12/10/15 -- photo courtesy of

Jordan Spindel writes, via ebirdsnyc:

First off, waterfowl numbers and diversity seem to have risen at the reservoir over the last couple of days. I refound the male RING-NECKED DUCK at the southwest corner of the reservoir. Also present was a Pied Billed Grebe along the dike. At Laupot Bridge, I found a Hermit Thrush, and at Evodia Field, I saw 1-2 Fox Sparrows. A Ruby-Crowned Kinglet was reported at the feeders by someone else, but not seen by me. The GREAT HORNED OWl continues in the ramble, with a surprising early flight around 4:20 before perching in a tree a few blocks north of the spot. Looks like the bird will stay the whole winter. On a side note, I also saw a COMMON RAVEN while in a car this morning around East 76 street and Park avenue. Good birding!

1 Hermit Thrush
2 Northern Mockingbirds (Maintenance Meadow)
1-2 Fox Sparrows
1 Dark-Eyed Junco (feeders)
1 Red-Bellied Woodpecker (feeders)
3+ Downy Woodpeckers
1 American Coot (reservoir)
1 Pied-Billed Grebe
Ruddy Duck (many on reservoir)
Northern Shoveler (many on reservoir)
6 Buffleheads ( 4 on reservoir, 2 on turtle pond)
Gadwall (several on reservoir)

Posted by: Jordan Spindel <>