Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tom's report for early this morning

Blue-headed Vireo--Audubon Field Guide

Tues. 19 April, 2016
migration in progress N.Y. City area & surrounds (lots more birds)

Some pretty decent migration took place in portions of southeast NY last night into this Tuesday morning. It won't be surprising to see new-for-year species in some of the NY City parks & wild areas, as well as the multiple counties in & near the region.  The increasing NW winds also may actually produce a few unexpected results for those with an eye to the sky...

Some further fresh arrival after Monday's push of certain species, from the wilds of Central Park this Tuesday morning.  With more neotropical-wintering species starting to appear, any no. of possibilities are out there.  A couple of Vireo species (Warbling, Blue-headed, White-eyed) are examples, although it's really the Warbling Vireo that indicates the 'neo-trop.' push... & many of the migrants are ongoing shorter-distance species such as the other 2 vireo spp. noted, & Pine & Yellow-rumped Warblers, E. Towhees, multiple Sparrow spp., as well as some Purple Finches & others.

more later,

good luck,
Tom Fiore