Tuesday, February 15, 2005

2/17/05 -- Today's Cover Picture in the NY Post

Cover of the NY Post today -- 2/17/05

The NYC Audubon alerted the media to the fact that copulation by Pale Male and Lola has commenced. [There! I used the word. It wasn't so hard. Next time it will be even easier. You can find more on the Mating vs. Copulation controversy by scrolling down on the old LATEST NEWS page] Unfortunately the reporter of the story called it "mating" throughout the story. When he called me I had given him the the scoop about sexual linguistics--that "mating" means pair bonding, not the hawk sexual act-- but he said he couldn't use the "c" word in a family newspaper. I laughed merrily since the NY Post is just about the trashiest paper published in New York. City