Thursday, June 23, 2005

Astronomy news

Many Central Park nature lovers will be in the park tonight at sunset, and for the next few nights, to see an astronomical event -- the conjunction of 3 planets in the western sky.

Below, from the Amateur Astronomers of America website:

June 2005


Venus finally comes into good view in the evening sky this month, and becomes the centerpiece of a magnificent tableau. While Venus gets higher each night, Saturn slowly descends to meet her. One suitor is not enough -- Mercury rushes to snare her from below! We are treated to this celestial ménage à trois beginning around June 10th and lasting the remainder of the month. Although Saturn then leaves the scene, Mercury pays court into July. The nearby bright stars Castor and Pollux join us as spectators. Venus will easily be seen throughout; binoculars will help find the other participants.