Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Central Park wildlife emergency info

A while ago I posted a report about the rescue of a Baltimore Oriole nestling caught in fishing line  and unable to leave his nest. I wrote Regina Alvarez, the park's Woodlands Manager, who organized the rescue and asked how others can get in touch with her in case of another emergency. Here is her reply:

Regina Alvarez wrote:

My office number is 212 988 9026.  E-mail is RAlvarez@CentralParkNYC.org  I check my email fairly regularly.

Also, if people are unable to reach me for some reason, they can call 311 and ask to page the "Central Park Group"; all of our managers and supervisors will get the page and whoever is in the park can respond right away. People should specify what the problem is in the page. This is the best for the weekends and holidays, when I am not always around. I hope this is helpful.

Thank you, Marie, for facilitating all of this.