Sunday, August 14, 2005

Flash!! A cosmic mindbender moth in Central Park!

Black Witch [female]

The Black Witch, a tropical moth in the Noctuid family, is normally found in Florida, Texas and points south. Every so often individuals of this species, for unknown reason, migrate north, sometimes as far north as Newfoundland and once, Alaska. This particular Black Witch found its way to Central Park on Saturday, August 12. She [definitely she was a she; males don't have that white band] liked what she saw, or, more likely, liked what she drank at the sap tree, and returned the next night. Two nights in a row. You can be sure there will be a crowd at the sap tree tonight. Note: This moth is BIG!

the Witch next to Nick's hand
to compare size

Nick Wagerik
[Why does this man look so happy?
"I've been waiting to see a Black Witch all my life."