Saturday, August 27, 2005

Trump Parc family news

Bruce Yolton, faithful hawk reporter, just sent in the latest communique about the maturing fledglings from the south:

This evening, the young Central Park South hawks were harder to find than usual. The playground, where they normally are found in the evening, was empty and showed signs of major construction work along its paths. On the other days, where there has been heavy machinery or pruning in the playground area, the young hawks have ventured a few blocks north.

So, I widened my search and eventually found them both at the Carousel. Just after I arrived, one of them flew off across that path to hunt rats near the underpass that goes under that Northbound drive near the Carousel, and then disappeared from view. The other jumped around the Carousel roof, unsuccessfully tried to catch a black squirrel, and then flew back towards the playground area as nightfall approached.

Attached is a photo of a young hawk with the Carousel weathervane in the background. Other photos from the last few days are on my website.
I'm going to Martha's Vineyard for a long weekend tomorrow, so I won't be reporting on the hawks for a few days.

photo by Bruce Yolton