Thursday, October 13, 2005

Naomi puzzles over the mystery

In reference to yesterday's [or rather, very early today's] posting, Naomi Machado writes:

Good luck with your research into the linden/sycamore mystery. It cannot have been a problem of rhythm, as both fit equally well into the line; perhaps E.B.White had a particular affinity for the sycamore, or.... it could be that as he spent many years away from New York and was visiting the lady only in memory, there was a memory lapse. Obviously he did not count on the likes of you calling the identity of the trees into question!!

I don't believe E.B. white could have had such a memory lapse. I've been thinking along other lines. The poem is rather old, probably dating back to the 1940's or 50's. [Do any of you date back to those antediluvian days?] Is it possible that the sycamores got some disease, were removed and new trees planted in their place? I did mention that the Lindens aren't very big. I'll still look into it.