Friday, October 28, 2005

Winter Wren Influx

Among the large number of
late fall migrants in Central Park this week were Winter Wrens. While we don't share many species of birds with Great Britain, and while birds the British call by names similar to ours are usually different species altogether -- for instance, the bird the English call a robin is quite different from the American Robin, the Winter Wren we find in Central Park this week is the same species as the one found in Europe, the one British fondly call Jenny Wren.

Lloyd Spitalnik, a frequent contributor to this web site, writes:

Since there has been so much talk about the very large influx of Winter Wrens, I thought I'd send you a photo taken yesterday 10/27/05.[See above] There were at least 5 different birds hanging around the reeds on the north side of Turtle Pond. Here is one of them.