Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Birds of Central Park --the page references in the Foreword need correcting

If any of you are giving Cal Vornberger's fine book Birds of Central Park as a Christmas present, [or if you are already lucky owners of the book] you can do me and other readers a favor by correcting some errors in the Foreword. Between the time I handed in the copy for my essay and the time the book went to press, some major changes were made in the book's design. This made all the page references wrong. Alas, nobody seems to have proofread the Foreword and it was published with the incorrect references.

So please take a nice black pen, turn to pages 6-7, and make the following corrections, crossing out the wrong page numbers and putting in the correct ones.

On p. 6 - par. 5-- the Woodcock is on p. 23 [not p. 11]
par.6 -- the Oriole is on pages 94-95 [not 82]
par. 7--the Flicker is on p. 194 [not p. 184]

on page 7 - first par:
Robins are on p.110-111 [not p.98]
the Woodthrush is on p. 114-115 [not p. 102]
the Red-winged Blackbird is on p. 137 [not p. 125]

I am extremely unhappy to have these mistakes appear in my foreword to this beautiful book. I'll feel better to think that at least a few copies will send readers to the right pages.