Friday, January 13, 2006

Junior and Charlotte reports

The Trump Parc nestlings a few days before fledging - 7/06
Photo by Bruce Yolton

The obliging doctor whose 65th floor window offered me and others great views of the Trump Park nest last spring and summer writes:

"Not much action on the nest as yet. One of the hawks landed on it one day in December for about 10 minutes, but no egg.

"We'll keep you posted about any hawk we see making preparations for egg laying."

And Donna writes:

Veronica [whose apartment looks out on the nest site] says that Charlotte was sitting on the Trump Parc nest at 7:15 this morning [1/12/06] and there were a number of new twigs up there.

Would Charlotte just have been checking out the comfy
factor of the new furnishings? I know the Moms sit
around on the nest periodically pre-copulation phase
but doesn't January seem a touch early?

My answer:

Not at all too early for periodic house re-decorating. Pale Male and Lola have been bringing an occasional twig to their nest regularly during recent months. Copulation and real, hormonally-induced nest-building should start towards the end of January or beginning of February.

Both pairs show every sign of nesting again on their last-year's nests. Let's keep our fingers crossed that
the Trump-Parc couple will have renewed success this year. And let's hope that last year will prove to be just a small glitch in PM and Lola's grand record.