Saturday, February 18, 2006

Donna was at last night's fly-out

Male Screech just after fly-out 2/17/06-Photo by Bruce Yolton

Westside Screech Owl Flyout 17 Feb 2006

Sunset: 5:38PM
Temperature: 36 F.
Wind: Gusts to 20MPH
Humidity: 35%
Initial Watcher count-5

5:41 Screech 1, assumed male-Mr. S, face is cat like, becomes visible in hole.
5:46 Blink, blink.
5:47 Eyes wide open, awake, alert.
5:50 Flyout, extremely low to the pavement w/oncoming car. To middle small deciduous bush on western slight rise, viewed from west, east of evergreen mountain bush.
5:52 Watcher count-9
5:55 Up and to south, next rise over, deciduous small tree branch, at approx. 3.5ft.
6:00 Flight to south, large deciduous tree, lower branch. Anterior south.
6:02 Hop to twig, 6 inches up, same branch. Scratches head, quick preen of shoulder.
6:03 Screech 2, exits hole, assumed female, Mrs. S, frown face, to west and adjacent rise, low foliage. Not discovered.
6:05 Mr. S to next tree over, wind picks up considerably, he changes position to retain balance. Wing stretch, down, and side. He stares at Watchers.
6:08 Mr. up. Lee and Noreen spot him. Perch in open lower branch, another large deciduous tree to south. Benches and trash receptacle near.
6:09 He triangulates, tenses, joggers go by, he doesn't pounce, tension leaves body.
6:12 Seems to stare at Watchers to west.
6:28 Triangulates, tenses to go, doesn't, man with dog.
Watchers down to 4, very cold and windy.
6:38 Mr. S still sits same perch, stares west..
6:47 Mr. S up and to west. Two of us follow
6:48 Squeak is heard, Screech sized dark shape blows/flies(?) west over wall, then cuts north.( ?)
6:50 Exit.

Marianne reports Red Phase Screech visible in hole today.

Submitted: Donna Browne