Friday, March 03, 2006

Eyewitness report on Junior and Charlotte's nest

Chatlotte on the Essex House sign [a favorite roost]
"What I think they're thinking about now that the days are getting longer."
Photos and the above quote by Bruce Yolton 2/25/06

The kindly gentleman whose high 57th Street apartment looks down on the Trump-Parc nest just sent a report to me and Lincoln:

Dear Marie and Lincoln,
This is just to update you both on the pair of hawks that frequent the west side of the Trump-Parc building. Fro the last month, they have been making stops at the nest, usually not together, and patching the nest with bits of wood, duct tape, and electric wire. We have the notion that one of them, the one with the most brown feathers, has been the most attentive, and that the number of (her?) trips is increasing.

PS from Marie
I'd say "the one with most brown feathers" is the one we call Charlotte.