Saturday, March 25, 2006

For a car-free summer in Central Park

Letter just received from Cal Vornberger: [Wouldn't it be great to have a car-free summer in Central Park?]


Please join me tomorrow, Sunday March 26th, at 12 noon in front of City Hall for a rally sponsored by Transportation Alternatives in support of a car-free summer in Central Park.

Council member Inez Dickens has just announced her support of a Car-Free Summer in Central Park, meaning that all five council members whose districts surround the park are now backing a Car-Free Summer.

Once again, the rally takes place on the steps of City Hall at noon this Sunday, March 26.

To learn more about this campaign, please visit:

"We have agreed not to drive our automobiles into cathedrals, concert halls, art museums, private bedrooms and the other sanctums of our culture; we should treat our parks with the same deference."
--naturalist and author Edward Abbey

Thank you.

Cal Vornberger