Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pale Male's ethics

Pale Male on Robin nest - 7/14/06
Photo by Lincoln Karim

Ben Cacace, a hawkwatcher from the early Pale Male days, comments on some recent statements by John Blakeman.  Please check the posting on 7/15 to see the statements in their original context. Ben quotes John Blakeman, and then comments:

John Blakeman:
"The effort required to acquire the morsel is a mere
low-power fly-in and -out. Nothing easier for less

Ben comments:
This is the equivalent of a human entering a grocery

store and picking up a frozen Turkey. Actually
Red-tailed Hawks are much more efficient since they
don't generate the great waste/pollution we create
when processing animal products for human consumption.

John Blakeman:

"Like any other wild predator, red-tails have no
morality or ethics, only an instinctive desire to
acquire food easily and frequently."

Ben comments:
When comparing the ethics and morals of
Red-taileds versus humans I don't think there is
really any comparison. Just because we say we have
morals but behave as if we don't doesn't make the
balanced behaviour of Red-tailed Hawks (in relation to
nature) anything to look down on. We can learn quite a
bit by watching these creatures.

I've never heard of a war being declared by Blue Jays
on Red-tailed Hawks ... or vice versus for that