Thursday, August 10, 2006

A clairvoyant confirms the ID of last night's katydid

In my posting earlier this morning I wrote that nobody had tried to identify the katydid species I needed help with on August 8th. BUT...I hadn't checked my morning's website e-mail. There I found the following note, from Jan Lipert:

I'm pretty sure this is your guy: Fork-tailed Bush Katydid

As it happens, the Fork-tailed was Nick Wagerik's tentative ID for the katydid that landed on our sheet last night [See previous post]. Since I saw both katydids I can say that the one I photographed on 8/4 and posted on 8/8 was quite a bit smaller than last night's critter. That's why I identified the earlier insect as a Drumming Katydid. It was really tiny, something you can't see in a close-up photograph. The Field Guide to Grasshoppers, Katydids and Crickets by Capinera, Scott & Walker [a good book] gives its length as 14-19 mm.

Congratulations to Jan Lipert for having the uncanny powers to identify the future katydid correctly as a Fork-tailed Bush Katydid, whose length is 40-56 mm, according to the same Field Guide. And thanks, Jan. for providing a better photo, above, than the one I took on the sheet at the Shakespeare Garden.