Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Red Red Red-headed Woodpecker

Photo by Ardith Bondi

Still there! Saw him yesterday morning at 8 a.m.

On Friday I heard the whine of a chain saw outside my window and saw that the trees in Joan of Arc Park -- right in the Red-head's little grove -- were being pruned.
A swarm of treemen from Beucler's Tree Service were up in the trees, busily sawing away. I rushed out, spoke to Pete Beucler himself [a nice guy] and told him about our special bird. He assured me that they were just taking down dead stuff and were almost finished. He also said they would not be pruning in the park itself -- and that's where the bird mainly hangs out.

Don't know if the bird stashes his supplies in dead wood -- I kind of doubt it. In any event on Saturday the pruners were gone -- the job finished. And I spent a good long time feasting my eyes on the woodpecker before going back to work [Not QUITE finished...]

Thanks, Ardith, for sending your beautiful photo.