Saturday, April 21, 2007

Correction and 2 new photos

Lloyd Spitalnik has written in to say that the photo of the Louisiana Waterthrush I posted yesterday was not taken by him but by Cal Vornberger. [Http://] Lloyd sent a photo of a waterthrush he did take. You'll find it below, followed by a close-up of a Great Egret taken by Barrie Raik on Saturday, April 14th. Check out the greenish patch going from the base of the bill to the eye, and around. A fantastic color.

By the way, I saw a La. Waterthrush for myself early this morning at Turtle Pond, as well as some Palm warblers and a Yellow-rumped. Also four [count 'em, 4] lovely loons in breeding plumage at the Reservoir.
Lloyd's waterthrush [Http://]

Barrie's Great Egret.