Friday, May 25, 2007

It's OK to post pix of the Astoria Nest! And where to sit for optimal viewing

photo by Jules Corkery -- the Astoria Park Mom and 2 chicks.

Bruce Yolton has more info about regulations for photographing city bridges -- see his letter below. Meanwhile, I'm restoring Jules Corkery's photo to its place in yesterday's post , and also above-- seems it's perfectly legal! And you can find new photos of the Astoria nest on Bruces Blog. Here's a link to click on:

Bruce writes:
I've learned a bit more about photographing bridges in NYC. Under current regulations on MTA Bridge property, photography is prohibited. I was very near the nest, so I may have been on MTA property when I was threatened with a summons.
However, it seems that photographing the bridge from public property is perfectly legal, so taking pictures taken from within Astoria Park would be perfectly fine. The ALCU has a suit against the city pending about ambiguous policies toward photographers. It seems that the department has ambiguous policies which led to the accidental harassment of photographers.
I think my situation was similar to the problems birders have been having with scopes on tripods in city parks. Well meaning Police Officers are stepping over the line, due to ambiguous policies and poor training.
So, I'm going to post my Astoria photographs on my blog, [ see link above] and you should feel free to put back Jule's Corkery's photograph.

PS Jules Corkery writes:
The best and safest place for binocular viewing of the nest is the benches at the south entrance of the tennis courts. At first, birders might think the view is too far away but because of the height of the nest, the perspective at the benches offers a clear view of nest activity and is a comfortable shaded place for birders to sit. As the evening sun sets, the light is perfect for viewing the little ones having their evening meal. Also, I'm sure the birds and police appreciate the distance!
Great information from Blakeman too. I feel that we're learning so much from our urban birds and I am excited to get feedback about observations!