Thursday, August 16, 2007

Early Birders meet two warblers

In my absence, Karen Asakawa has obligingly sent me a report of yesterday's Early Birder walk. Eleanor Tauber sent the photo she took of the Great Blue Heron they saw, and reported an additional sighting.

Hi, Marie, hope your work is going well. Here's a rundown for this a.m. 8/15. Our group was
Eleanor, Deborah (McMillan) and myself. I stayed with the group a little over an

On our way in we ran into Scott (Zevon) who directed us to the Lower Lobe: where we saw:

- Great Blue Heron
- Northern Waterthrush (we believe)
- Redstarts, females or young males
- Yellow Warbler

We went onto the Riviera where we saw a female Belted Kingfisher in a
tree on the Point near the green banner.

Ramble was dark and quiet. We went to Maintenance Meadow where it was
sunny and warm, and we ran into Scott again and he said there had been
a flurry...Orioles, Redstarts, Canada, Blue-Winged, (warblers) Eastern Kingbird.
We saw the Kingbird before I left and a male Redstart.

It was nice to be back and to see such activity. -Karen

Eleanor Tauber's addendum:

A short while after Karen left Deborah and I saw a Ruby-throated Hummingbird in the Maintenance Meadow.

Here’s a photo of the Great Blue in the Lower Lobe.