Monday, October 08, 2007

Monarch mania and a PS

Bob Levy reports on the Monarch migration:Bob writes:
I recall that last year at this time many a Central Park naturalist remarked about the apparent rise in the number of Monarch butterflies. However this season we seem to be witnessing a veritable “Monarch Mania.” In three gardens I visit the nonstop display of multiple sightings is truly wonderful. (i.e.the new Brodsky garden near Cleopatara’s Needle, Turtle Pond and the Shakespeare Garden). Only a video could do the scene justice but this shot gives a little idea of what a treat there was to see.

PS from Marie: Below, in a photo taken on September 10, 2005, is the Monarch's beautiful chrysalis,discovered in a flowerbed on the east side of the Model-boat Pond nine days before the butterfly emerged. You can see the remains of the caterpillar's outer skin at the top. With so many Monarchs in the park this year, there must be many chrysalises to be seen as well. So keep your eye out. They're well hidden but not impossible to find. Watching this particular chrysalis deliver its butterfly was one of the most exciting events of my life. My photos of it are in the archives here. Click on the date 2005-09-18 found at the right under Archives, and scroll down.