Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Britney Spears of the bird world

Scott's Oriole in Union Square Park - Jan. 23, 2008
Photo By Ardith Bondi

Ardith Bondi, a photographer, flutist. and a Central Park birdwatcher, took the first photo of the Scott's Oriole in Union Square Park and brought this rare bird to the world's attention. [She also reminds me that she took the photo of the protesters in red cardinal costumes I posted a few days ago, and the date it was taken was December 13, 2004.] She has just returned from abroad and writes:

Hi Marie-

I can't believe how the Oriole story played out! He's become the Britney
Spears of the bird world. Now everyone knows that he prefers bananas to
oranges and enjoys the odd Kaiser roll, defending them against local
Starlings. He has a preferential tree for the morning sun, and he
apparently hasn't connected that the very Sapsucker that drills his
favored sap holes is the one that he routinely chases away...