Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Hawks

Friday, Feb 22, 2008. It's NYC's first real snowstorm, and birdwatchers' thoughts turn to how birds fare in adverse weather. I just left a banana for the Scott's Oriole in Union Square Park, missing for more than a week and now back.

And Leslie Day sent a photo of the Riverside Park redtails sitting in a tree in the snow near their new under-construction nest. [See previous post for John Blakeman's comment on this nest. ]

Leslie's photograph in yesterday's posting jogged the memory of long-time Central Park birdwatcher Mary Birchard, who writes about an event more than 15 years ago:

Hi, Marie,

The photo of the Riverside nest on your web site reminds me of the nest that Pale Male and his first mate built near a backstop on the SW corner of the Great Lawn. One could see the sky by looking up through the nest.