Monday, April 07, 2008

Spring arrivals--avian and other


Judy Rabi reports [on ebirds] an amazing sighting on Sunday April 6:

Anne Lazarus, Taeko Tsujimoto, Louise F. and Pearl Broder saw an opposum in the Maintenance Field this morning.

Note: This may be a first for Central Park.

David & Liliana Speiser report on Saturday, April 5:

A first for the year: Blue-gray Gnatcactcher was singing by the East drive close to the statue of Sir Walter Scott. David's new website:

Judy Rabi reports another Sunday sighting:
At about 5:30 p.m. Yellow-rumped Warbler, female on the ground, hanging
out with the White-rumped Sparrows, near the feeders (or what's left of them) in the Maintenance field. I would have expected a male, at this somewhat early date.

Chris Karatnytsky writes to ebirds on Sunday, 4/5/08:

There was a large, gorgeous wild turkey walking in The Loch, not far from the bamboo, when I left. It's much bigger than the one that hung around Riverside Park a couple of years ago.

Last but not least, Alan Margolies reports that the Western Tanager was back in its usual spot near Winterdale Arch on Sunday.