Friday, July 18, 2008

At the Moth Tree and a PS

The Moth Tree

Wednesday night 7/16/08
Girlfriend Underwing [Catocala amica] with Armyworm Moth [Mythimna unipuncta]

below: Ilia Underwing [Catocala ilia]
above, right: Girlfriend Underwing

Last night 7/18/08 -- 8:55pm to 10:10pm
Reported by Marianne Girards

Armyworms [50+]
Coppers Underwings [5]
Ipsilon Darts [10+]
Idias [10+]
Lunate Zale [1]
Large Yellow Underwing[1]

Those of you who have read Central Park in the Dark may be surprised to hear reports of moths at the Moth Tree in 2008. Hadn't the last chapter of the book implied that the Moth Tree was a thing of the past? Well, as Mark Twain once quipped about his own demise, so reports of the Moth Tree's death turned out to be hugely exaggerated. While last year was a moth-less disaster at the tree, this year, to the delight of the Central Park Mothers [rhymes with frothers] it is copiously oozing its insect-attracting sap once again.