Monday, February 23, 2009

Redder, reddest. and just plain magnificent

Photographer Murray Head responds to my posting of a "redder-bellied Woodpecker" the other day with some photos and commentary:

My photo was meant to reveal a real reddish "belly" for which
I believe the woodpecker is named... not for its red feathers. *
If you would like redder feathers... how about this Robin?
He was near the maintenance field today signaling spring was nigh...

Want redder yet... on The Point I encounter this very handsome Cardinal...
You don't get redder than that. You don't. You know you don't.
(No color enhancement... honest)

Now at the Upper Lobe... An example of nature's elegant expression of white, gold and gray... Central Park's magnificent Ring-billed Gull

All photos taken by Murray Head on February 21, 2009

*In a subsequent note Murray adds "I trust most of your readers will get the tongue in cheek tone to my umbrage."