Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crossbills! and a migration report

Crossbills in April in Central Park???

Photographer Murray Head sends in irrefutable confirmation:

And Joe DiCostanzo's [report of this morning's birds as sent to e-birds:

Not as many Yellow-rumps as yesterday (but still a lot).

Canada Goose


Double-crested Cormorant

Great Egret

Black-crowned Night-Heron

Herring Gull

Rock Pigeon

Mourning Dove

Chimney Swift

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

Northern Flicker

Blue-headed Vireo

Warbling Vireo (singing by Hernshead)

Blue Jay

American Crow

Black-capped Chickadee

Tufted Titmouse

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Hermit Thrush

Wood Thrush

American Robin

Gray Catbird

European Starling

Blue-winged Warbler (singing by Evodia Field)

Nashville Warbler (s. of Tupelo Meadow)

Northern Parula (scattered birds)

Yellow Warbler

Black-throated Blue Warbler

Yellow-rumped Warbler (everywhere)

Black-throated Green Warbler (south of Azalea Pond)

Palm Warbler (Hernshead)

Black-and-white Warbler


Common Yellowthroat

Eastern Towhee

Swamp Sparrow

White-throated Sparrow

Northern Cardinal

Indigo Bunting

Common Grackle

Brown-headed Cowbird

Baltimore Oriole

American Goldfinch (Tupelo Meadow)

House Sparrow

PS from Marie: Also a report of a Yellow-throated vireo at Laupot Bridge and a Yellow-throated Warbler at Bow Bridge this morning.