Saturday, July 03, 2010

Pale Male learns a lesson

The Eastern Kingbird is a member of the Tyrannidae family, and the Tyrannus genus. To add to the nomenclatural ferocity, the Eastern Kingbird has been given another tyrant in his species name-- Tyrannus tyrannus.

In the Birdwatcher's Companion, Christopher Leahy comments on the etymology of the kingbird's scientific name:

Of all members of their family, the kingbirds best deserve the name "tyrant."...When potential nest robbers, such as crows or hawks, approach, kingbirds typically sound a loud alarm and fly at the intruder remorselessly until it has been 'escorted' to a safe distance.'

In Lincoln Karim's photos above, taken yesterday [July 3, 2010] you can see a perfect example of Kingbird behavior, as a feisty Central Park Tyrannus tyrannus tells Pale Male where to get off.

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