Monday, October 04, 2010

Yesterday's Bird of the Day, and a bit more about a bird of the day before yesterday

Blue Grosbeak at Great Hill-- 10/3/10

For Central Park birders the bird of the day yesterday was a Blue Grosbeak. This species is listed as Infrequent on the Birds of Central Park annotated checklist. It was photographed yesterday morning at the Great Hill [in the North Woods part of the park] by Barrie Raik.


Yesterday Jack Meyer sent an email related to the day's posting. The subject line was entitled A Small Quibble:

On your blog (glad to see it up & running again) you label the Black-throated Blue Warbler "fall version". But males in fall have the same distinctive coloring as in spring. And females in spring look as they do in fall. First year females lack the pocket hanky.

Here's my reply to Jack: You're right!