Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cuckoo time

Black-billed Cuckoo -- from Birds of North America

A birder's report of TODAY'S birds [via e-birds]

I birded from 7.15-9.45 this morning. Started off slow but the second bird I saw was a Black Billed Cuckoo at Hernshead this made my morning. American Redstart MM Black and White Warbler HH Magnolia Warbler MM Northern Parula MM Magnolia MM Common Yellow Throat Tupelo Northern Waterthrush Ramble Palm Warbler Tupelo and Castle Ruby Throated Hummingbird upper lobe N. Flicker many Chimney Swifts Gray Catbirds Mourning Doves Kingbird flyover MM Easter Phoebe Tupelo Black Crown Night Heron Turtle pond Red Eyed Vireo Turtle pond Blue Headed Vireo MM Ray Slyper

NB: MM = Maintenance Meadow