Saturday, December 03, 2011

fall warblers, kinglets, ducks and others

Palm Warbler in Central Park 10/20/08
photo by LLOYD SPITALNIK http://www.lloydspitalnikphotos. com

Tom Fiore reports:

Friday, 2 December, 2011

...A Prairie Warbler as well as a Palm Warbler continued near the Pool, first on the south side of the Great Hill and then the Prairie flew over to the south shoreline of the Pool itself where after some searching I re-found it west of the waterfall. The Palm Warbler seemed to stay in position on the hill. Not all that far away in the northern end of the park, but close to the Lasker skating rink, which is at the SW corner of the Meer, a very obliging Orange-crowned Warbler showed, at first near the rink, but then moving across the Drive to just south of the rink, or about 100 feet, perhaps less, east of the eastern end of the Loch where it flows beneath the park drive. It seemed to be of the eastern race, not as bright as some western Orange-crowneds can be.

I was not able to find any warblers in the Ramble ...but did see a number of birds moving around on the slopes in conifers of Cedar Hill, including both species of Kinglet, Brown Creeper, numerous Slate-colored Juncos, & some others. There also were a few Golden, & at least one Ruby-crowned Kinglet[s] in the north end of the park. A look around the SE portion of the park yielded little other than thousands of visiting tourists but there was a Hermit Thrush near the Pond.

The reservoir had a decent collection of ducks and other waterbirds, including 2 Pied-billed Grebes, at least 22 American Coots,a female Green-winged Teal, 50+ N. Shovelers, 45+ Gadwall, 5+ Hooded Mergansers, and 40+ Ruddy Ducks, plus a few Bufflehead, the latter species also in modest numbers at the Pool and on the Meer. At least one pair of Wood Ducks were on the Lake and a female was at the Pond, semi-hiding at the time I spotted her. Gulls sorted through on the reservoir appeared to be of the 3 most regularly-seen spp.

Good birding,

Tom Fiore,