Monday, March 12, 2012

The Hunt is On and P.S.

Eastern Phoebe in Central Park - 4/10/08
Photo by Lloyd Spitalnik

From my records of years past, for the first Phoebe of the Spring::

date --- who found it --- where

3/14/11 -- Sharon Berlan - Tupelo Meadow
3/10/10 -- Tom Fiore- North Woods, near Bloickhouse
3/13/09- Alan Margolies - Turtle Pond
3/12/08--Prospect Park birders
3/11/07 Ben Cacase -- at S. end of Reservoir
3/15/06 - Early Birders-Tupelo Meadow
3/17/05 - Tom Fiore - North Woods, just S. of Blockhouse

3/10/1909 -- Ludlow Griscom --across the street from the American Museum of Natural History where he headed the Ornithology Department

P.S. This just in at eBirdsnyc, at 10:43 a.m. 3/12/2012

Hello all,
This morning I saw two Eastern Phoebes in the Park. The first one was at Tupelo Meadow and the second one at the NW end of the Great Lawn. The bird at Tupelo appeared duller than the second, so I am pretty sure that it was not the same bird that had moved. At Maintenance Field there were about 10 Song Sparrows feeding on the grass.

good birding,

Anders Peltomaa