Monday, April 16, 2012

The warblers are coming, hurrah, hurrah and PS

Prairie Warbler -- photo by DAVID SPEISER

From Starr Saphir's report of today's [4/16] walk in the Ramble:

At 9:45 we responded to a text message alert (the first using the new
NYNYBIRD system) from the eagle-eyed Anders Peltomaa who had spotted a
Prairie Warbler at Azalea Pond. [see PPS below] We arrived on the scene quickly and
within a few minutes the bird reappeared, perching on the fence and then
on the ground, giving good closeup views to all. This is the first
Prairie Warbler reported in Central Park for the season, and naturally
is also the first for our walks -- and our best bird of the day.
encourage other birders to view Anders' recent instructions on how to
sign up for the system. And we thank him for the timely alert.

We also had our first-of-season Brown Thrasher in the Ramble.

Highlights: Prairie Warbler (Azalea Pond) Blue-headed Vireo (3, Turtle Pond and Azalea Pond, excellent views) Pine Warbler (3) Yellow-rumped Warbler (15+, seen everywhere) Palm Warbler (6) Brown Thrasher Good birding, Starr

PS Doug Kurz also sighted a Worm-eating Warblerat Strawberry Fields "working the upper canopy midway along (and on the east side of) the woodchip path this morning. The bird was not singing, and was a bit difficult to keep track of, as there were quite a few Northern Juncos moving about up there as well. However, at one point it came down to a relatively bare lower tree, and showed off its handsomely striped bicycle helmet and distinctive shape and coloration."

PPS: Anders Peltomaa writes:

... I have set up a be text message alert for New York county (Manhattan) named NYNYBIRD. A text message alert system has the advantage that one do not need to have internet access or a smart phone. This system will work with any cell phone, old or new. You can subscribe here: