Monday, November 19, 2012

Yesterday's raccoon and today's hummer

Raccoon in marshes at Lake-- November 18, 2012  photo by Beth Bergman
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    RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD:  Still present in the Conservatory Garden @10:15am. Seen feeding on salvia and sunflower blossoms in the NW corner of the North Garden (the garden with the circular flower bed and dancing maidens sculpture in the center). Enter the park at 5th ave & 106th; the garden is to your left.  The general consensus is that this is a Rufous hummer (female or immature), from  those who got a good look at the tail spread.

Thanks to Nadir Souirgi who first reported the bird on Oct 31st; I believe it's been seen every day since then ( tho not reported to the state list).

Karen Fung

[reported on ebirdsnyc]