Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rare Bird for the park -- and PS

Grasshopper Sparrow in Central Park --5/25/13 - photo by ELLEN MICHAELS

Ellen Michaels, a model who switched careers and became a fine nature and wildlife photographer , sent a note last Sunday:

Hi Marie,

I photographed this Grasshopper Sparrow at the North End of Central Park on 5/25/2013. It was close to 8PM and the bird was extremely far away. So I was lucky to get a shot, if only for ID.

Best regards,
Ellen Michaels Wildlife & Nature Photos

PS A few minutes ago Ellen Michaels sent another email:

Hi Marie,

Oops, sorry for the confusion, but I photographed the Grasshopper Sparrow on 5/21 rather than on 5/25.

All my best,