Friday, August 16, 2013

A hop & skip away from Central Park

Ovenbird - 2007 -- Photo by DAVID SPEISER

  Bryant Park  at 42nd and Fifth  [outside the main building of the New York Public Library] is just a hop and a skip away from Central Park. So I thought I'd include Alan Drogin's report of  the birds he saw there this week:

He writes, via nysbirds-l

It started with the Aberrants.  A Northern Waterthrush kept court by the garden shed in the southeast corner of Bryant Park from Monday until Wednesday when I last saw it circling frantically around the shed after a cat moved on in.  Another aberrant, a dull-striped Ovenbird showed up Tuesday, chicken-walking among the late blooming begonias on the south side of the lawn.  It was joined by a Commoner, my first White-throated Sparrow of the season.  When the rains took a break just before nightfall, there was a flurry of half a dozen warblers high in the London Planes - it was too leafy and dark to identify much except for the flash of racing stripes of the Black & White Warbler.  With the midweek shift to colder dryer weather, things have quieted a little except for a few more Black & Whites and today a couple of Redstarts.

Happy Birding,
Alan Drogin