Thursday, December 19, 2013

How to find the Varied Thrush

If you want to see New York's latest unusual visitor, here are clear directions via Tom Fiore:

Varied Thrush -- [imm, female, male] picture courtesy of

Manhattan, east side east of First Ave.,  below 20th Street; Wed., 18 Dec., 2013
Of the adult male Varied Thrush seen today (esp. well before a Sharp-shinned Hawk put in an appearance directly above the thrush's favored feeding areas, and then in nearby trees on the inner oval - where the large Christmas tree, as well as prominent menorah both near a small guard-booth, & quite close by the "Study", a book-filled library space, are all good visual cues to the spots the thrush may like, it's also adjacent to bldg. No. 11 on the west side of the oval) - it may also be added that the proper street to walk in, headed to the east from First Ave. is: 18th St. - that will lead one in to the oval, and almost anyone in the grounds can likely direct a visitor to the oval & holiday tree & menorah area, as well as the library. There is also a small cafe within the oval circle perimeter that is not more than 100 yards to the south. Please use discretion in observing, & be polite to all others - this is a residential area off of the main streets of Manhattan. There is also security in the vicinity.

I'd assume this thrush will be in the general area (of Stuyvesant town) for the duration, until & unless a series of negative (non) sightings comes in lasting multiple days. The thrush is naturally shy and may take a while to show. I'd also ask that anyone who hears it call or sing add that to their report[s] & it ought to be obvious, please-please-please do NOT play a recording to a bird that is already well out of range - let it do what it will here - may it have a fair chance in N.Y. City.

good birding,

Tom Fiore