Friday, February 28, 2014

More about squirrels from Murray

The great squirrel writer MURRAY HEAD-- [he's not a squirrel who writes ; he's  a writer who wrote a children's book about squirrels*], just sent in a response to yesterday's squirrel post [ a post about a squirrel, not by one]:  

Dear Marie,

You requested  the story behind the picture you posted. Here it is:

Last Wednesday afternoon as I was passing West of the Sailboat Pond, I noticed this busy young squirrel gathering leaves and acrobatically ascending his tree. The mission was to make a nice leafy nest in a hole that is his home.

I caught his eye, and he pointed a paw toward his stomach and I knew that some
lunch would be appreciated.

After his lunch break, (he got 3 peanuts)

 He came over and gave me a little smile; words were not necessary.

He quickly returned to his task... I glanced back to see him enter the place that would serve him well for the coming cold wintery days.

P.S. That most extraordinary video you linked [in your post yesterday] is a masterpiece that pays proper tribute to squirrels everywhere. Central Park is home to many of the best.


*  "Frisky Brisky Hippity Hop" -- published by Holiday House [Parachute Publishing LLC] in 2012