Monday, September 22, 2014

The Ugly Duckling's Birthday Party

My friend the photographer Murray Head writes:

Hi Marie,

Each year there is an event at the Hans Christian Andersen Statue in Central Park -- A Celebration of the Ugly Duckling's Birthday Party --  put on by the 
Hans Christian Andersen Storytelling Center.

I had the honor this year of being invited to tell the story of how a duck family
chose to have and raise their family at The Sail Boat Pond, the body of water right opposite the Hans Christian Andersen Statue. It became the book: "Swim, Duck, Swim!", an allegory for children who might be reluctant to try something new.

The presentation took place this past Saturday, 9/20/14.


There's a New Duck in Town!

... and he was invited to 

"The Ugly Duckling's Birthday Party"

The duckling

Murray Head at the statue, telling the story

   Murray concluding

                                 The book [written by Susan Lurie, with photographs
                                  by Murray Head]