Sunday, April 23, 2006

Concern about the Trump-Parc nest

Charlotte on nest yesterday- 4/22/06
Photo by Bruce Yolton

Bruce Yolton, one of the key hawkwatchers of the Trump-Parc pair -- --- writes:

Doing The Math On Central Park South

Doing the math, I'm concerned about the Trump Parc nest. Given when the first egg was discovered and padding very generously for delayed incubation and hatching this is the time line:

March 13, First egg discovered
March 15, Possible delay of incubation, 2 days
April 19, Incubation, 28-35 Days
April 23, Hatching, up to 4 days

I think we should prepare ourselves for a negative outcome with this first set of eggs.

PS from Marie: If I understand Bruce's timeline correctly, he is saying that the eggs should have hatched by April 19th, the 35th day after the egg was laid, based on the March 13th egg laying date.[That date is definite. Unlike at the Fifth Ave. nest, we can see into this nest from certain vantage points.] Therefore on April 23, today, the hatch is 4 days late. This is sort of like having a woman be 10 months pregnant. It doesn't happen.