Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tom Fiore's Report for the Week

Swainson's Thrush -Photo by LLOYD SPITALNIK - 10/3/06

Central Park, Manhattan, N.Y. City  -  Mon. to Sat., 18 to 23 May, 2015

Migration continued at fair pace all through the week, and this Saturday, things picked up just a bit more, particularly noticeable for migrant thrush numbers, as well as a modest increase in a couple of warbler spp. such as Blackpoll.  The week also has featured a few sightings simultaneous with hearing at least calls, and a few times also softly-sung songs, from Bicknell's Thrushes, while of course Gray-cheeked have been moving in greater numbers than the former; by far though the common thrush now being seen & often heard, are Swainson's, with numbers of Veery dropping off a bit, & most Wood & certainly Hermit Thrush also passed thru at this point.  In all, at least 22 warbler spp. were seen thru the period since Mon., and still this Sat. as many as 18 spp. were available.  Also still moving are Empidonax flycatchers, with at least 4 spp. represented this week (Least either all, or mainly, moved thru), & Olive-sided Flycatchers continue to show, with a couple also giving some song, as well as (more usual) calls.  The eve. hours have featured at least a few Common Nighthawks. A Summer Tanager was still around into today, Sat. and there have been a few Lincoln's Sparrows.

Riverside Park, on the upper west side of Manhattan also has had a lot of these same spp., & at times, the "drip" area has been moderately active. Much of the overall activity in that park has been in that vicinity, or more generally north of 110th St.

good last week of May birding,

Tom Fiore