Sunday, May 03, 2015

First Big Wave of Migrants - 58 species TODAY!

Black-throated Blue Warbler - photo by David Speiser - 9-27-2007

First big wave of migrants:
Reported by JORDAN SPINDEL via eBirdsNYC

Birds seen today at Central Park from 8 am-2:30 pm - 5-3-15
 (I took a break from 12:15-1:30). 58 species total. The first big waves of migrants are coming through!

black throated blue
black throated green
blue winged (tupelo, rustic shelter)
magnolia (rustic shelter, azalea pond)
yellow rumped
black and white
nashville (forgot where it was seen)
northern waterthrush
blackburnian (tupelo, willow rock)
blackpoll (willow rock)

hermit thrush
chimney swift
ruby throated hummingbird (rustic shelter)
house wren (swampy pin oak)
warbling vireo
yellow throated vireo (3-5 at various locations)
blue headed vireo (many)
white eyed vireo (upper lobe)
barn,rough winged, tree swallow
rose breasted grosbeak (azalea)
baltimore oriole (point)
ruby crowned kinglet
chipping sparrow (feeders
purple finch (maintenance meadow)