Sunday, April 19, 2015

Early Birders walks

Palm warbler -- photo by Marie Winn

Carol Abraham reports on the Early Birders' walk in the North Woods yesterday morning:
[and below, list of birds seen on yesterdays walk and the walk before:

Hi All,
On a beautiful WARM morning at the North End of the Park, led by Ellen and Barrie, we spotted 29 species of birds,  other fauna (raccoon and chipmunk), butterflies (cabbage white and mourning cloak) as well as flora (Lesser Celandine, Trout Lily, Trillium-not sure which one).   oh….and lots of birders too!

And here is what the Early Birders saw:

                               4/16                4/18
Canada Goose x
Wood Duck x
Mallard x x
Bufflehead x
DC Cormorant x x
Great Egret
BC Night Heron x
Red-Tailed Hawk x
American Coot x
Herring Gull x x
Rock Pigeon x x
Mourning Dove x x
RB Woodpecker x x
YB Sapsucker x x
Downy Woodpecker x x
Northern Flicker x x
Blue Jay x x
Tree Swallow x
BC Chickadee x
Tufted Titmouse x
WB Nuthatch x x
Brown Creeper x
RC Kinglet x x
Hermit Thrush x x
Amer. Robin x x
European Starling x x
Yellow-rumped Warbler x x
Pine Warbler x
Palm Warbler x
Eastern Towhee x
Chipping Sparrow x
Song Sparrow x
Swamp Sparrow x
White-throated Sparrow x x
Dark-eyed Junco x x
Northern Cardinal x x
Red-winged Blackbird x x
Rusty Blackbird x
Common Grackle x x
House Finch x
Amer. Goldfinch x x
House Sparrow x x
36 species 29 species
CP North End
Cabbage White
Mourning Cloak