Friday, April 03, 2015

TODAY in Central Park with important PPPPS

Pat Pollack reports:

            Palm Warbler -- photo by David Speiser- 4/21/09

4/3/15, Friday

@ 9:45 am FOS American Wigeon (f) spotted by me 1st from Hernshead, moving south, picked it up again opposite Island & west shore and later close in near Hernshead again viewed from west shore gazebo.

Common Loon remains on Reservoir, best view I've had further west & south of dyke
Pied-billed Grebe
Hooded Mergansers
2 Am. Coots,
# of DC Cormorants+
Great Egret on south end retaining wall
3 or more Hermit Thrushes
@ Great Lawn west side 200 yds from theater Pine Warbler amongst flock of Juncos (dull one unlike previous bright (M)
Numerous Golden Crowned Kinglets
4 or more Eastern Phoebes
 3 Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers in silver barked tree nr. Swedish Cottage
Northern Flickers 3 or 4

Others reported Palm Warblers & Rusty Blkbirds
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PPS Thanks, Pat, for your great reports!!

PPPS  FOS = First of Season

PPPPS   Just heard from Caroline Greenleaf of the Central Park Conservancy [via Rebekah Creshkoff] . Caroline reports:

4 Pine Warblers all together and not so shy,  and Palm Warblers. Flickers in big groups as of this morning.