Friday, December 05, 2014


PAT POLLOCK calls some Central Park ducks on the Reservoir "old reliables." She should include herself in that category. [Emphasis on the "reliable," not the "old"]  In these wintry times she seems to be the only birdwatcher sending in reports, which come via ebirdsnyc. Many thanks, Pat!

Bufflehead taking off -- photo 2006 by CAL VORNBERGER

Friday, 12/5/14

The old reliables are still there (let's hope til CBC on 12/14/14):  2 Ringed-neck Ducks still in SE corner of Res.'
counted 14 Hooded Mergansers, mostly along eastside, several American Coots, 10 Buffleheads and lots of Ruddies & No. Shovelers
checked Canada Geese for small one - negative; checked for Lesser Scaup of yesterday without success.  The workers are moving further along westside, so even harder to take in ducks congregating @ north end.

Pinetum area:  Red-tailed Hawks, 3 Titmice, No. Flicker