Monday, September 29, 2014

Young birder scores heavily

Pine Siskin  --   photo by DAVID SPEISER

Junko Suzuki writes today [9/29/14]:
There were nice activities in Strawberry Fields this morning included at least 2 Tennessee Warblers. But most unexpected sighting was a flock of 5 PNE SISKINS on conifer tree on N.W. side. It was seen around 9:30AM. Those very streaky tiny birds were first spotted by a young birder who asked me if those were House Finches. I needed to investigate them for a while. The fine streak was too dark and contrasty for House Finch and the sharp pointed bill did not fit for H. Finch or any other possible finch type birds. A flock moved to one other conifer tree in mid-section of the fields, stayed there for a few more minutes, and then took off flying north.