Monday, December 01, 2014

Happy to be back!

Computer problems have brought about a long hiatus. Hope you all had a GREAT THANKSGIVING. I, for one, am thankful to be back at my website. Here's the Saturday report from a Regular Central Park birder, PAT POLLOCK:

11/29/14, Saturday

Pinetum about noon hour, maybe later? Cooper's Hawk hopping about on lowest branch of evergreen tree had just eaten a squirrel whose remains were laying on ground west side of circle - wonderful head on looks practically eye-to-eye.
At Reservoir earlier 2 Ringed-neck Ducks in NW corner, fleeting glimpse of Pied-billed Grebe up north side near Pumphouse, 4 or more Am. Coots, 10 Hooded Mergansers scattered from No. to Eastside and South, Am. Black Duck,  Bufffleheads

Pat Pollock