Friday, July 03, 2015

Murray seeks…and finds!

Earlier today I received an e-mail from my friend the photographer MURRAY HEAD, wondering if I might possibly know the exact location of a Yellow-crowned Night Heron that had been reported on Governors Island. Unfortunately I had no inside info on the bird and e-mailed back to Murray that I couldn't help him

Yellow-Crowned Night Heron on nest on Governors Island- 7/3/15
photo by MURRAY HEAD

At 6:44pm Murray wrote me again:

About 10 minutes after emailing and asking if you knew specifically where it could be found,  I found it! It has been said that it is a first ever for Governors Island. I got 
that from some other postings on the Internet. 

How did he find it?
Murray gave me more details:

The principle I employ in these instances... If you can't find the bird...
have the bird find you. I used the anchovies hanging out of my pocket technique.

The nest is about 70 feet up.
I was just there basically to locate it, so that when the chicks are out of their shells,
in about a month... I can bring the proper equipment to get some decent photos.

Today I did not have such equipment... so the photo really does not do this fine bird justice.
Here it is anyway:  [See above]

[note from Marie: the photo looks fine to me! Congratulations, Murray!