Thursday, March 24, 2016

If Pines are here, can Palms be far behind?

Pine Warbler

Jordan Spindel writes today [3/24/16] on ebirdsNYC:

Yesterday, I attempted to find a Pine Warbler like many others were doing. Despite looking and chasing one report, I couldn't find one. I then looked at the reports and realized there was one good place that hadn't had any sightings. which was the Pinetum.  There may have heen few birders looking there, but it was great for them in the fall, so I went there this evening. When I arrived, I started hearing a strange chipping. Juncos flew in, but it wasn't them. I saw a small bird in one of the budless trees, and saw that it was a bright male PINE WARBLER. It became apparent that the sound did not come from this bird. It came from the second Pine Warbler (also male) I spotted just a few moments later. I watched the birds forage together for several minutes before leaving. Hopefully the Palm Warblers are not far behind!

Posted by: Jordan Spindel <>